Our Story

About Lancosa Ceramic

Founded in 2017, Lancosa Ceramic LLP has already been able to make a distinctive mark on the domestic as well as international market. It has rightfully earned a reputation of being one of the most reliable name in distribution and retail in Indian Tile market. We have served engineers, interior designers and individuals, no matter the size of the project Lancosa Ceramic has justified the trust entrusted upon its products with the most elegant and wide array of selections to choose from and a quality that beats the best in the business.

Our infrastructure equipped with world class machineries and our experts of both operations and management are the most trusted and most skillful in the business. We have been able to keep up with growing demands of our high-quality tiles with our in-house management system that also manages distribution across the country and globally. Our dedicated Research and development efforts constantly enable our tiles to be a notch ahead of the competition. Our ability to deliver the best tiles and with consistent quality and standards has set us apart.

Our enthusiasm and our constant drive to distribute the best tiles is a result of our customer centric approach which is our driving force. To inspire and earn trust of our customers has lead to a long term relationship with our customer base and resulted in a long list of clientele across the globe.

Why Choose Us

LANCOSA CERAMIC LLP. is commited to the protection of the environment as well, continuous manufacturing improvment.

Research & Innovation

Lancosa Ceramic belive in innovation so for we build our research center to deliver the best product.

Timely Delivery

We deliver the product on time. Being timely can also boost our confidence to give more than expected.

Advanced Technology

We uses highly advanced technology for building our product which is largly acceptable globally.

Dedicated Support

In a healthy competition we provide extened our product business globally with best customer service.

Innovative Design

Lancosa Ceramic LLP build modern vitrified tiles and creative design in the market.

Global Export Area

Lancosa Ceramic have global presence alliance. We Export vitrified tiles world-wide.